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Connection Between Parenting and Child Development

The development of a child is dependent upon your fulfillment of responsibilities as a parent. A child is developed physically and mentally through good parenting. Parents give the child proper food, care, love and shelter and they develop. Parents should provide some extra aids in the process of development. Apart from food and shelter, there are many other important things such as manners and respect for others. Routines and rules should be thought to kids so that they lead an obedient life. Parents should teach the good values and spiritual beliefs to kids so that they understand their culture and tradition. A child becoming aggressive or strong minded depends upon how her parent’s parenting skills. The child development process starts when the baby is born.

Calling the child by her name might seem nothing, but in doing this you are making then know who they are. These small things are major contributors in child development. When the baby is 2-3 years old you teach them how to read and write, how to eat and thus their physical needs are provided. A time table kept and followed correctly makes the baby obedient, dependable and among the acceptable citizens of the society. As the child develops, the needs of the child will also increase and it is the duty of the parent to understand what the child needs. While completing all the wishes of the child, let them know that how hard you have worked to gather small things of his or her need and make them understand how valuable it is and hence make your child a very responsible person. Tell the child about how you lived your life when you were of young and let your children see you as hero so that they follow in your footsteps.

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