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Depression and Pregnancy

Postpartum depression also known as postnatal depression is a type of depression which affects women after childbirth. This can also happen in men but the chances of it are very less. Usually a woman goes much into depression because of the sudden changes in the body and psychological feelings of mind. There are many other factors which are responsible for this type of depression. It is not a disease but just a condition or a state of human mind. The postpartum depression starts when the mother conceives a child and remains for quite long months or up to a year after the child birth. Usually it is caused by the changes in the life pattern and hormonal changes such as changes in food patterns, sleep, fatigue, fear, anxiety or sadness. The changes in women’s hormone cause the whole biological system to go haywire and hence postpartum depression is seen widely in pregnant ladies. The effects of this depression are that the infants will not get much care by their mother like in breast feeding and providing them the physical needs like changing clothes, cleaning etc.

Not just the baby, the husband too is neglected. It is often seen that the children of depressed mothers have problems in facing the society and communicating with people effectively. Children of depressed mothers learn to talk or walk late than any other baby and may also encounter learning disabilities and, social and emotional problems. The relationship between a husband and wife keeps getting worse day by day. This leads to further depression with the anger that they are unable to get themselves together. It is here where many women break up and often end up hours crying. A women is most venerable at this stage and needs help both from a specialist and from her husband, friends and relatives.

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