National Association Of Physicians

Energy Efficiency

The National Association of Physicians for the Environment (NAPE), with funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has developed an educational program designed to help healthcare and biomedical research facilities become more energy efficient. The NAPE program The NAPE program is in cooperation with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® programs.

Why energy efficiency?
Increasing energy efficiency in your healthcare office or facility can save money, prevent pollution, and thereby keep people healthy.

Leadership Conference: Biomedical Research and the Environment
Some congressional leaders seek to double funding for the National Institutes of Health in the next five years. This is an exciting prospect filled with opportunities to improve health and prevent disease. At the beginning of this revolutionary increase in biomedical research and discovery, the research community has the unprecedented opportunity to take a leadership role in developing a program of pollution prevention, including energy efficiency.

NAPE Council on Healthcare Energy Efficiency
NAPE is working with medical societies and associations to publicize the importance of energy efficiency to its memberships.

Energy efficiency success stories, EPA ENERGY STAR® Healthcare Partners

Information available from NAPE’s Healthcare Energy Efficiency Program

How do health professionals participate?