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International Telemedicine Explained For Patients

5 Best Telemedicine Companies ? making time to see your doctor could sometimes prove very difficult. Staying healthy could therefore lead to some extra stress especially if you have busy schedules and limited time to honor appointments. As a patient, you can contact a doctor by phone or online at your own convenient time which easily allows you to discuss non-emergency medical issues. All this thanks to Telemedicine.

Here check out these 5 of the best telemedicine companies.   

  1. CareClix ? founded in 2010, CareClix is able to provide a variety of telehealth and telemedicine services around the globe by working with board-certified practicing physicians. Some of the services offered by CareClix include: home care, infectious diseases, pediatrics, primary care and urgent care. Careclix also launched an innovative program targeting schools located in Maryland. Off-site doctors are therefore able to use Skype and examine elementary school students and these could be students who for example complain of a sore throat. This examination is carried out to students without them having to leave the school grounds.
  2. Consult ADoctor ? you can be helped to connect to physicians using phone and online by the ConsultADoctor Company especially if you have a non-emergency Medicine question.  ConsultADoctor?s main focus is to provide basic medical services that don?t need visits in person. Doctors may if necessary, order tests and write prescriptions that a patient can fill anywhere in the states.
  3. Teledoc ? this is one of the United State?s pioneer  providers. They have continued to maintain a strong rating among patients and physicians. 92% of patients who have received services from Teledoc have confirmed that their medical questions were resolved. Teledoc fees vary depending on the patient?s plan. You may as well use your flexible spending or health spending account to cover services through Teledoc. Some of the Medical issues that can be used by Teledoc include: pediatric services, non-emergency medical issues, dermatological conditions, mental health consultations for issues such as depression and addiction, sexual health consultations.
  4. MeMD ? it is very simple to create an account on MeMD. Once you have set up your account, you can speak directly with a physician or nurse practitioner using your computer?s webcam. You can discuss a variety of conditions or symptoms during a single consultation and this can happen even without the need to pay an additional fee, provided that it is within the comfort of your healthcare provider to discuss a second issue. Patients cannot order lab tests through MeMD, but questions about an existing lab report can be answered by healthcare providers.  
  5. iCliniq ? a variety of services are provided by the website iCliniq. You can request an online video or phone conversation or submit written questions.

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