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Lung Capacity and Chiropractic Care


Do you often feel a shortness of breath or do you suffer from Asthma or take drugs to control your breathing? A significant portion of the population find it hard to breathe, and over 2 million Canadians suffer from Asthma. Allergies or bronchitis can make breathing very difficult, leaving you with few options for help and a sense of helplessness.
Pollution plays a significant role in the young and elderly’s health. In many urban centers, there is no relief from the pervasiveness of toxic elements leading to disease and early death. Further information regarding your lungs health can be found on the link for the Canadian Lung Association.
Your lungs transfer oxygen to your blood, and if you cannot breathe properly then your body is oxygen deprived.
Aside from pollution and chronic diseases, there is another factor that may affect your breathing capacity.

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Your nerves!.
Yes! Your nerves in your upper back are connected to your lungs, these send special signals for your lungs to breathe.
If your spine is out of alignment, then these signals go awry and give your lungs the incorrect breathing messages.
Your lungs end up having to work harder for the same amount of breath. Your body gets exhausted trying to keep up and correct for this malaise.
If we can treat the alignment of the spine with Chiropractic Care, the nerves find their alignment and the muscles that control the breathing are working properly to allow normal energy exertion for the breathing process. Dr. Caulfield a Chiropractor in Surrey Central provides patients with spinal care that have breathing difficulties. Getting the spine aligned to permits your nervous system to react in the way it should.
If you find yourself with breathing challenges, don’t give up. Find a chiropractor near you to discuss the benefits of treatment.

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