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Rare Infant Disease

Encephalocele is a very rare and uncommon disease where the baby develops an opening in brain or a small gap sometimes allowing their brain to protrude. The outer skull or the plates in the brain are not connected properly leaving a gap in the head. This happens when the neural tube of an infant does not develop in the first stages of pregnancy. This usually affects 1 in 8000 babies of which only some survive healthy after a surgery. The surgery of this is the most difficult part as it closely related to the nerves of the brains. Encephalocele is happened differently in males and females. For males usually the gap is in the back portion of the head and in females it is the front side of head. The depth and width of the gap in babies head will be so clear that it can be located accurately. The cause of such a rare uncommon disease is the lack of nutrition .Bifid cranium or cephalocele is another type of the enphalocele which is usually caused by the decreased amount of folic acid in the baby’s body. But the actual fact behind this disease is still unknown. The part that is protruded can be covered in a sac from exposing it outside and by saving it from causing lethal damage.

However studies claim that this disease does not cause any death but related mental health issues can occur down the road. The only cure for Encephalocele is to do a surgery and that is much costlier. Otherwise the gap that is protruded is kept covered till the baby gets little older for a surgery. Encephalocele causes respiratory problems and sometimes neuron problems that probably leads to health related issues. This rare disease does not have any other symptoms as such to be noted. The protruding part itself is the only way through which it can be detected. For detecting normally a MRI scan is did.

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