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Treatment For Depression

Women with a history of previously encountered depressions are more likely to suffer from postpartum depression. Hence women who have had previous cases of mental disorders need to consult a doctor before pregnancy. PPD can also happen if the pregnancy was unplanned or if you have suffered with menstrual disorders is the past. Stressful events during the pregnancy such as premature birth, or any type of diseases from which your child suffered, fear about your baby’s health problems, anxiety regarding their behavior etc leads to postpartum depression. Attachment is one of the factors which tie a baby and mother.

A depressed mother finds it hard to find a connection with the baby. Depressed mothers never understand the baby’s different needs and the cries of baby cannot be made analyzed. Treatment and help for postpartum depression are available. Different therapies such as the psychotherapy and hormone therapy are advised by physiotherapists. Counseling can also help in treating PPD. Light therapy has proved helpful in reducing depression in pregnant woman. Postpartum psychosis is another type of disorder which leads from PPD. It is a serious and severe condition of postpartum depression. Generally, depressions are just a state of mind which can be controlled with love care and affection. But these should not rule over the daily life. Pills for depression before the birth of a child are available, but are not advised. These pills can cause untreatable changes in the developing fetus. Some drugs for treatment of depression are known to cause heart malformations and irregular limb development.

Recent research has shown that women have increased the uptake of depression pills during pregnancy, which is not a good sign. Even while breastfeeding depression pills based on selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are recommended in small doses. In large doses the drug is found in the milk and can cause irreparable damage to the soft nerves of the infant.

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