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Yoga For First Time Mom

Yoga is a mental and physical discipline that originated in India. It is one of the most popular kinds of meditation and exercise at once. Yoga does wonders for the health of a baby and the mother. It helps a baby and mother to get in tune with each other. Yoga, when practiced correctly, can lead to a smooth vaginal childbirth. It is also great for the mental and physical development of your soon to be born baby. Yoga is also great for post pregnancy depression. Depression is common during pregnancy because of fluctuating hormones. Even after pregnancy Yoga does great wonder for your body. It will help you get back in pre-pregnancy shape. Nursing your baby causes your chest and shoulders to collapse. Yoga can help the bone structure to get back in proper shape hence easing back and neck pain.

There are 5 parts of an ideal yoga for a pregnant woman. Yoga exercises that concentrate on the pelvis and reproductive organs are required to be practiced. These exercises ensure an abundant supply of blood for a smooth childbirth. Breathing exercises along with body exercises will help in managing blood supply and optimum oxygen supply. Mudras are a part of Yoga. These beads have a psycho-physical effect on the woman’s reproductive organs. Meditation helps as an ideal therapeutic tool. Depression is raised because of various conflicts at the sub-conscious level. Meditation can help solve these issues from the deepest of neuroses. Meditation along with deep relaxation is highly effective in mental and physical relaxation. It will help you get connected with your child. One of the most important yoga positions for pregnant women recommended by yoga practitioners is the Twintex position. These are soft and slow exercises that will help your pregnancy. Hence ensure the best development of your baby and the maximum benefits of yoga for you.

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